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Commission: Beth (Animated) Commission: Beth (Animated)

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Great I enjoy some fresh Porn in the morning

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Kathy H. Kathy H.

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The painting looks great m8 I otught you were a cartoon man

LemKuuja responds:

Ah, thanks!
Not really, I've always aimed to be able to draw in various styles, and realism in particular.
Because after all, every style ever is a deformation of reality.
I started out in animation like two years ago, until I realized my art skills were not good enough, because I would sometimes get stuck and be like "oh I can draw that from this pose or perspective".
Dived into the sweet sweet pool of art, thought I could have enough and go back to animation.
The more I improve, the more I feel like sticking to art lol!

Jelly Jelly

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Green I enjoy that color

Island Abode Island Abode

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So 3D backgrounds eh that's pretty amazing I like the reflection in the water and the little shapes in the rectangle

Potatoman responds:


Arttrade w/ Cicada-Media Arttrade w/ Cicada-Media

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mimes have black eyeliner not blue

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TheLazerSofa TheLazerSofa

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I dont know why but the sofa canons look like lazer Niples

TheLazerSofa responds:

i don't like your thinking :c

Bully Bully

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you made this because your being bullied in school

SirDuckDee responds:

No. Read the description. Dummy.