So like there cuming

2015-02-24 19:01:53 by Thatwhitekidjr1

Hey i am done with an animatic and all sounds on a cartoon wich will cum out in like 2 months or so or less i dont know but im getting help with it so like it will be easy to make thx BRY.


2014-10-19 18:41:46 by Thatwhitekidjr1

Well YOU may call me stupid for this but I am trying to develop my own art style and this will take a while so yeah. I already have a pretty neat script  wich is done and ready to be drawndeda and animatoreted.Also I will probably upload my art here.


2014-08-17 18:45:17 by Thatwhitekidjr1

I will be getting a cintiq soon so keep your eyes peeled like lids and get ready for stuff